Wonders of Isentia

Feathergale Spire

Session 27

The party awoke the next morning, preparing to set out and deal with the Cult of Howling Rage, and the Feathergale Knights. Upon awakening, Willow, Aust and Tanriel went to go get some breakfast. Deciding to avoid the tavern they had been attending previously, due to concerns about potential assassination attempts, they picked out a new place to eat. Aust gave into his paranoia and decided not to eat the eggs. Willow didn’t care as much, and went to take a big swig from her mug – only to spill it all over her robes. This began a string of bad luck that would echo across the rest of the day. The party then returned to their home to try to wake Tanusk and Steelspine, only to find them both unconscious in their beds. Tanriel and Aust returned to the church to seek assistance – which they were happy to provide, stating they owed the party a favour.

The fallen members of the party were diagnosed with “Gravesrot”, a condition sometimes afflicted by powerful undead creatures. The Priests said they would be able to cure it, but it would take some time. With their weakened numbers, the party decided to await Xaros, Reve, Sauruki and Inixori’s collective return. In the meantime, they all went their separate ways, trying to find ways to occupy the time. Tanriel and Willow hit the market, while Aust went to go speak to Zaleria. Unfortunately for Willow, they passed a torch juggler, who, upon seeing the Gnome with her pink hair, became distracted and lost control of his torches. One bounced off the ground and directly into Willow’s chest, setting her clothes ablaze. As Willow panicked, Tanriel decided to attempt to help by shoving Willow into the dirt – which put out the fire, but also gave Willow a nose bleed.

Tanriel and Aust then met up to go find Honta, while Willow left to find a cure for her apparent bad luck. Approaching the Mages’ Guild of Starhaven, she paid a hefty fee just to get her curse identified – and indeed, it was a very powerful bad luck curse. Only one Wizard in the entire guild would be able to assist her – and of course, he had just left on a mission that would likely take him several weeks. Exasperated, she returned to the guild hall.

Tanriel and Aust learned that Honta was still recovering from being an old man, and needed some time to rest. Granting him this time, they returned to the guild hall to meet up with Willow. Soon, the other party returned and met up with Tanriel and Aust. They selected Reve, Xaros, and Inixori to join them on their mission to Feathergale Spire. After a quick debriefing, where Xaros let them know that they saw several young dragons flying through the sky above the forest they visited, they decided to head out for Feathergale.

The adventure for Feathergale was uneventful except for two interrupting occurrences – a mercenary and a pair of assassins attempting to kill Aust, and a Feathergale Patrol that bit off more than it could chew. The Assassins proved to be a painful but not impossible group to dispatch – and they claimed they had been sent by Aust’s mother to kill him once and for all, further sealing the information Tanriel had gathered. The assassins were eventually rounded up and killed, leaving the party injured but able to continue their journey. They took a moment to rest, then continued walking. The Feathergale patrol flew in on the backs of Gryphons and a Wyvern, and two Knights, both wearing signet rings, demanded their surrender.

Tanriel used her quick wit to talk the Knights into believing they were all Nobles (And many of them were), and they were seeking to join the Knights. The armed men obliged, but requested that the party hand over their weapons, and their valuables, as they would all be taken as tribute to be used by the Feathergale Knights. Food, armor, drink and clothing would all be provided for them – they had no need for money any longer. The party didn’t react favorably to this, and as one of the Knights knelt beside Tanriel, she grasped him with her hands and electrocuted him with a shocking grasp. All the other knight saw was that the redhead’s butt had fired lighting at his friend before he was set upon by enemies and overwhelmed.

The Knights and the gryphons proved to be little threat, and even the robed priest that accompanied the knights dropped easily. The Wyvern proved to be more of a threat – after Reve attempted to communicate with the beast, which repaid his conversation with a bite to the chest, the Rogue decided it was a good idea to attempt to jump upon its back and attempt to wrangle it. After exchanging insults with Aust, and taking a spiked tail to his back, the party and the Rogue managed to dispatch the beast and go about their journey.

It was dark by the time they arrived at the Spire. They saw a drawbridge and a great gate. Willow went bat-form to attempt to explore – she heard tell of a feast, before reaching the top of the tower where scouts had seen the rest of the party, and were coming down to find out if they were more visitors for said feast. Willow relayed this information, and the party found themselves greeted by a female human Feathergale Knight who introduced herself as “Savra”. The party was then invited in to join the feast.



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