Wonders of Isentia

The Feast
Session 28

Dawnrise, day 7 of Issandre’s Renewal, in the year 1312, at 18:46:36.

Feathergale Spire
Session 27

The party awoke the next morning, preparing to set out and deal with the Cult of Howling Rage, and the Feathergale Knights. Upon awakening, Willow, Aust and Tanriel went to go get some breakfast. Deciding to avoid the tavern they had been attending previously, due to concerns about potential assassination attempts, they picked out a new place to eat. Aust gave into his paranoia and decided not to eat the eggs. Willow didn’t care as much, and went to take a big swig from her mug – only to spill it all over her robes. This began a string of bad luck that would echo across the rest of the day. The party then returned to their home to try to wake Tanusk and Steelspine, only to find them both unconscious in their beds. Tanriel and Aust returned to the church to seek assistance – which they were happy to provide, stating they owed the party a favour.

The fallen members of the party were diagnosed with “Gravesrot”, a condition sometimes afflicted by powerful undead creatures. The Priests said they would be able to cure it, but it would take some time. With their weakened numbers, the party decided to await Xaros, Reve, Sauruki and Inixori’s collective return. In the meantime, they all went their separate ways, trying to find ways to occupy the time. Tanriel and Willow hit the market, while Aust went to go speak to Zaleria. Unfortunately for Willow, they passed a torch juggler, who, upon seeing the Gnome with her pink hair, became distracted and lost control of his torches. One bounced off the ground and directly into Willow’s chest, setting her clothes ablaze. As Willow panicked, Tanriel decided to attempt to help by shoving Willow into the dirt – which put out the fire, but also gave Willow a nose bleed.

Tanriel and Aust then met up to go find Honta, while Willow left to find a cure for her apparent bad luck. Approaching the Mages’ Guild of Starhaven, she paid a hefty fee just to get her curse identified – and indeed, it was a very powerful bad luck curse. Only one Wizard in the entire guild would be able to assist her – and of course, he had just left on a mission that would likely take him several weeks. Exasperated, she returned to the guild hall.

Tanriel and Aust learned that Honta was still recovering from being an old man, and needed some time to rest. Granting him this time, they returned to the guild hall to meet up with Willow. Soon, the other party returned and met up with Tanriel and Aust. They selected Reve, Xaros, and Inixori to join them on their mission to Feathergale Spire. After a quick debriefing, where Xaros let them know that they saw several young dragons flying through the sky above the forest they visited, they decided to head out for Feathergale.

The adventure for Feathergale was uneventful except for two interrupting occurrences – a mercenary and a pair of assassins attempting to kill Aust, and a Feathergale Patrol that bit off more than it could chew. The Assassins proved to be a painful but not impossible group to dispatch – and they claimed they had been sent by Aust’s mother to kill him once and for all, further sealing the information Tanriel had gathered. The assassins were eventually rounded up and killed, leaving the party injured but able to continue their journey. They took a moment to rest, then continued walking. The Feathergale patrol flew in on the backs of Gryphons and a Wyvern, and two Knights, both wearing signet rings, demanded their surrender.

Tanriel used her quick wit to talk the Knights into believing they were all Nobles (And many of them were), and they were seeking to join the Knights. The armed men obliged, but requested that the party hand over their weapons, and their valuables, as they would all be taken as tribute to be used by the Feathergale Knights. Food, armor, drink and clothing would all be provided for them – they had no need for money any longer. The party didn’t react favorably to this, and as one of the Knights knelt beside Tanriel, she grasped him with her hands and electrocuted him with a shocking grasp. All the other knight saw was that the redhead’s butt had fired lighting at his friend before he was set upon by enemies and overwhelmed.

The Knights and the gryphons proved to be little threat, and even the robed priest that accompanied the knights dropped easily. The Wyvern proved to be more of a threat – after Reve attempted to communicate with the beast, which repaid his conversation with a bite to the chest, the Rogue decided it was a good idea to attempt to jump upon its back and attempt to wrangle it. After exchanging insults with Aust, and taking a spiked tail to his back, the party and the Rogue managed to dispatch the beast and go about their journey.

It was dark by the time they arrived at the Spire. They saw a drawbridge and a great gate. Willow went bat-form to attempt to explore – she heard tell of a feast, before reaching the top of the tower where scouts had seen the rest of the party, and were coming down to find out if they were more visitors for said feast. Willow relayed this information, and the party found themselves greeted by a female human Feathergale Knight who introduced herself as “Savra”. The party was then invited in to join the feast.

A Rising Threat
Session 26
Necrolord Joridex
Session 25

The party continued their adventure in the gloom of the graveyards south of Starhaven. After clearing out of the crypt they were in, they marched to the other side of the fields and set upon another mausoleum. As they crept down the stairs, they were greeted by an earshattering, unearthly and incredibly pained scream from within. Steelspine, Tanusk and Willow all rushed down to the crypts below, only to find two ghosts and a banshee waiting for them. Honta used his boots to climb the walls, attempting to get behind the spirits to attack them, when one of the ghosts seemed to emit a nightmarish vision of death and horror. Most of the party was affected, turning away in fear of the spirit, but Honta seemed to take the brunt of the attack, and appeared to age several decades in a mere matter of seconds.

The party began to battle the spirits, though they flitted in and out of the walls and attacked those who tried to hide from them, and ultimately, Honta was affected by those ghosts several times. By the end of the battle, the spirits had been vanquished, the party found an old amulet inside one of the burial mounds, and Honta no longer appeared youthful, but rather, as a decrepit old man.

Taking a moment to lick their wounds, the party decided to attack the middle crypt. As they entered, Honta prepared to use invisibility dust upon the group, which Steelspine and Tanusk seemed to ignore. Steelspine approached the bottom of the stairway that lead down into the crypt, then yelled back up at the party. The stairway ended at a T intersection, so the Dwarf and Half-Orc split up and went separate directions. As soon as they rounded their corners, they were greeted by a large room, and a barrage of magic missiles. The room inside glowed with eerie purple light. A burning skull floated above a decorated canopic jar. Three Nightfall orbs floated in the air of the room, purple tendrils of energy pouring from the spheres into the jar in the center of the room. The missiles had been cast by a pair of Necromancers, and as soon as Steelspine recovered and rounded the corner, he found a third Necromancer waiting for him and attacked.

The party slowly filtered into the room, engaging the Necromancers and dispatching them with relative ease, before turning their attention to the skull, who admitted himself to be the reborn Necrolord Joridex. After a brief magical battle that roughed the party up, the skull was shattered, and it seemed Joridex was vanquished. However, the dark one’s spirit was drawn into that jar, which began to glow brightly. At this point, Honta decided it was in his best interest to leave the room, and finally slipped away. After all, he was fairly close to death, both in age and in injury at this point! Soon the glow sent a burst of feedback into the Nightfall orbs, shattering them and leaving three floating crystal shards in the air. The shards gravitated towards the healthiest members of the party, and began to drain life from them. However, Willow was able to identify that the shards also allowed them to strike the seemingly invulnerable jar that housed the soul of Joridex!

The party began an awkward dance of attacking and arranging themselves to transfer the shards between eachother so that no one person surrendered too much of their remaining lifeforce to the spirit in the jar. Aust had his hands full keeping people healed up, expending all of his reserves just to keep people alive. As the life drain intensified, Tanriel found herself in a very dangerous position – the shard draining life from her was becoming extremely powerful, and she had nobody to pass it off to. Luckily she was able to maneouver into a position to trade her shard to Tanusk. Willow wasn’t as lucky – she dropped unconcious from the negative energy of her own shard, which was transferred to Steelspine. To add to the chaos, the party had to contend with rising dead Wights that crawled from the ground below to assault them as they struggled to defeat their enemy. Finally, after a moment where Aust stabbed himself to make himself a less desirable target for those shards, Steelspine drove his blades into the jar and shattered it, destroying the vessel for that spirit once and for all.

Joridex was unhappy about this development. Emerging as an angered Wraith, he quickly hid himself behind two mirror images, hoping to distract the party long enough to slay them and possess their bodies. Spectral fire began to fill the room, making the situation much more dire. Honta entered once more, ready to join the battle again. Tanriel found herself to be the first victim of that Necrolord, her life drained, leaving her unconcious. Steelspine lunged at the wraith and tore into him with his magic blades. Joridex retreated, filling the room with more fire and hiding behind more images – which Willow was easily able to dispatch with a few magic missiles. Aust used up his final reserves of healing spells, and with luck, the party was finally able to strike down the spirit of Joridex, vanquishing him forever.

Daylight can be seen emerging from the entrance to the Necrolord’s crypt. Honta’s hip is seriously acting up, and the party is low on resources. However, they do find that the cult had amassed a large sum of wealth in preparation for their master’s arrival, and so they had helped themselves to the skull and bone studded chest that contained nearly thirty thousand gold pieces worth of treasure.

With the shadow of death no longer looming over Starhaven, the Church of the All-Faith will be pleased. That’s probably for the best, as Honta will require a Greater Restoration spell which only the church can provide. The party can still collect a bounty on any Nightfall orbs they recover from the surface, and Aust will need to report back to his Church for further orders.

Meanwhile, in Starhaven, rumours from travellers have begun to spread, of even stranger things happening all through the region. Vast, dangerous windstorms. Stretches of lands that have grown charred, blackened, where fires ignite in the blink of an eye. Large fissures and dry conditions in normally hospitable areas, and rivers and lakes rising and overflowing, saturating the land and flooding it. Slowly, people are becoming aware of the greater threat in the Region, and begin to wonder – how soon will it be before that threat reaches Starhaven?

Family Reunion
Session 24

Eventide, day 6 of Issandre’s Renewal, in the year 1312.

The party awoke as was their custom, and after some short deliberation, Aust, Steelspine, Xaros and Sauruki left to go seek out the city vaults and set up storage accounts for party members. Ultimately they were created, though the party members would have to go to the bank at some point to ensure their identities were tied to the accounts correctly. Tanriel went shopping just as Zaleria left to go maintain the party’s store. Raloth stayed behind at the headquarters, training, while Willow and Tanusk went wandering around the town, looking for something interesting or perhaps trying to stir up trouble. Honta decided to look further into the threats against Aust’s life – learning that someone who worked at a bar in the town was the one who delivered the contract to the assassin that attempted to kill Aust. Honta returned with this information, meeting up with Aust and the rest of the party. Sauruki left to go meet with a few potential new recruits.

Tanriel stopped in at Zaleria’s shop, only to find her meeting with a tall Wood Elf in black armor with a massive obsidian greatsword. He claimed to be Aust’s brother, and after a short discussion, Tanriel offered to lead him back to their headquarters to meet with Aust. Eventually, the entire group found their way back to the headquarters, and Aust’s brother, Goweschon, finally met with the group. Tanusk attempted to take Goweschon’s sword off his back, which reacted, inflicting horrifying visions of the end of the world upon the half-orc, causing him to flee in terror. After Tanriel distributed some newly acquired sending stones, Aust and his brother moved to a private room to have their conversation. He revealed that their mother was the one who poisoned Aust’s father, and that she had taken up a role as a religious icon among their society. She wrested control of the house from Goweschon and instead delegated him to controlling the armies. Everyone in their homeland has given their loyalty to her, and follow her blindly. She seeks to do Nerull’s bidding and force the Material Plane and the Shadow Realms to be as one, allowing Nerull to walk the land and bring all under the thrall of death. They were in the city to attempt to negotiate the assistance of the Cult of the Withered Palm – but Goweschon wanted the cult loyal to him in the event he needed to stand against his mother. He simply wanted to consolidate the land they had conquered, but fears that she is spreading them too thin. Witht his in mind, he asked Aust to assist him – go to the Graveyard, slay the leadership of the cult and make the rest of the cult agree to follow Goweschon. With the leader gone, Aust’s mother cannot negotiate for their assistance any longer. This weakens her, and strengthens him. Aust agrees to look into it, and Goweschon promises him that, if Aust provides him assistance, then once Goweschon is back in control of their house, he will do his best to provide Aust with resources and assistance. Goweschon then left, leaving the party to discuss what had just taken place.

Ultimately the group decided to consult the Church of Pelor to learn more about what they should do. Tanusk left the party to return to the Outlander’s Hall, doing his best to forge a map to “Fuzzy’s Village” which was actually meant to lead to the lair of a nearby Green Dragon. They were reminded that they needed to retrieve the Nightfall orbs, an offer of five hundred gold pieces apiece standing for returning the artefacts. The party was told to go to the graveyard and destroy the cult – to leave nothing there for use of Aust’s family. With that knowledge in tow, the group returned to Headquarters. When they arrive, they met up with Sauruki, and two new potential recruits – Inixori Xorothix – a Nobleman’s daughter who worked as a bard and was seeking a way out of her family in order to increase her power and fame, and a Rogue by the name of Reve Snowcrag who had lost his previous adventuring party and was hoping to find a new crew to work with, in addition to a chance at vengeance against the Mind Flayer that killed his previous friends. After some short deliberation, the party accepted the new members and allowed them to move into the barracks. Xaros, Sauruki, Reve and Xori then left on a scouting mission to figure out whether there was a village in the nearby forest, or if Tanusk was just trying to force the party to go kill a dragon. The party then left to head to the graveyard.

When they arrived, the party encountered waves of Undead and Necromancers which proved to be simple for the party to dispatch. After clearing out the undead masses, they began to investigate the crypts below the graveyard. Inside the first one, they found a number of ghouls, and some form of humanoid, intelligent undead. While these undead creatures posed little threat to the party, they were able to defeat them and find a few items cached away inside the tomb. They then set their eyes upon the remaining four crypts in hopes of finding the leader of the Cult of the Withered Palm.

XP For Non-Attenders: 554XP

- Sauruki, Xaros, Xori and Reve are out investigating the nearby Dragonclaw Forest. This will take 28 hours (16 hours of work, 12 hours of rest) before they return. They will return sometime after 4:00pm on the 7th day of Issandre’s Renewal.

Arcane Disturbances
Session 23

Twilight, 5th day of Issandre’s Renewal, in the year 1312.

The party awoke, reeling from the morning after the party. Raloth was off in the city’s drunk tank, and the rest of the party eventually filtered into the meeting hall by mid-morning. Xaros had convered one of the storage rooms into an office, and had figured out a bit of a direction for the party in terms of fulfilling nearby objectives. The party identified that assisting the Astral Guard with one of their more urgent objectives would assist in building a much needed relationship with one of the organizations in the city, in addition to acquiring a set of magical equipment the Guard were offering them upon completion. Setting out in the early morning, Aust, Tanriel, Willow, Honta, and Steelspine set their sights on the Northeast, where a planar disturbance threatened to grow out of control and potentially destabilize the area even further.

After an hour of travelling, with Starhaven now appearing as walls and towers in the distance, the party encountered yet another undead threat in their path. The sky began to darken, and before long, a small shambling of zombies stood before them. A Necromancer stood beyond, controlling the creatures in the distance. Unfortunately for that Necromancer, the party was well equipped for such an encounter, and quickly ended the spellcaster’s threat, which shattered the Nightfall Orb that the dark ritualist employed. The zombies, then uncontrolled, swarmed around Steelspine. What resulted was the sound of clanking metal echoing for quite some distance, as the party began to pick off those zombies one-by-one.

Dispatching the group, the party continued on their path. After five hours, they began to see strange shapes in the distance. Another hour, and they entered foothills, and found some clarification – the strange shapes were large, crystalline formations that seemed to pulse with arcane power. Rifts in reality opened and closed rapidly, which caused Aust some distress! As they began to traverse the crystals, a number of rifts opened, unleashing four Grell – Extraplanar abominations that appeared as large brains, with a beak for a mouth, and their only appendages a number of wiry, spiked tentacles. One of the creatures had a larger break than the others, another floated upside down and wasn’t very good at harming the party, another had tentacles that were all tangled up, and one of them appeared to be a grey brain instead of a pink one – he seemed extra hungry, perhaps he was malnourished? Regardless, the Grell set upon the party. Battle ensued, and Steelspine found himself entangled in the tentacles of one of the beasts. Aust attempted to bless the party, which seemed to agitate the crystals around him. With a pulse of power, the targets of his spells suddenly found themselves full of lifegiving energy – and their wounds began to close, their scars fading away. With renewed vigour, they unleashed the assault, slaying one of the foul brain-things.

The next odd event happened when Willow let loose a blast of power at one of the Grell, and the crystals sparked and blasted her with purple lightning! Willow began to glow a bright pinkish purple with sparks of energy arcing about her form. When she next attacked, she fired an eldritch blast that rended through her opponents’ brainmeats, but also seemed to backfire and blast her with raw arcane power! Aust, out of worry of what would happen when she started to glow, fled to Tanriel’s side. After having a casual mid-battle conversation, Tanriel, too, began to glow, though her glowyness had significantly less sparking going on. Unfortunately for Tanriel’s curiosity, Steelspine made quick work of the remaining foe, and the party was able to continue on their way. Up ahead, they spotted the likely source of the disturbance – a wizard’s spire in the distance.

Another couple of hours of travel and Tanriel-based glow, and the party arrived at the base of the tower. The crystals were notably more condensed here, and three Chuul that appeared to have been displaced from their home turned their beady, angry eyes upon the party. Unfortunately, one of the Chuul, the party wasn’t able to tell where he was looking – his eyes seemed to go off in really weird directions. The remaining two Chuul, one with a large claw, and one that was bright pink, rushed to attack the party. Tanriel let loose a massively power Eldritch Blast, tearing off the tail of the gibble-eye Chuul, while Steelspine attempted to crack the hard shell of one of the two beasts in front of him. Unfortunately, he also leapt right into the big claw’d Chuul’s large pincer, and found himself pinned as it squeezed the life out of him and tried to suck his face off with its mouth-tendrils. The party attempted to dispatch the creatures, fighting hard to defeat them while Steelspine refused to attempt to free himself from the claws, opting instead to bash the creature repeatedly on the head, which it didn’t take kindly to. Steelspine was repeatedly crushed by the beast and beat upon by Pinky, forcing Aust to focus his efforts on healing the Dwarf. Then a rather interesting thing happened when Tanriel let loose with one of her spells to even the playing field, only to notice that her skin had turned blue! Angered, she attempted to blast the cross-eyed Chuul between his eyestalks, only to find that her spell became corrupted and turned into healing energy, restoring the creature’s tail!

Aust attempted to heal Steelspine through his crushing experience, and found his own spell empowered by the crystals. The party continued to battle the creatures, until the team called for Tanriel to blast the beasts with a Fireball, and in doing so, she managed to roast one! With the smell of cooked lobster all around them, Honta appeared from behind the pink beast, slipping his rapier beneath its shell and ending its life. As it fell to the ground, Steelspine turned around and hacked apart the Chuul with messed up eyes. The party then stood in the shadow of that spire. Honta walked up the wall, jumped through a hole and landed inside the main hall of the spire. He paced over to the door and opened it for the party. After plundering the ruined tower for treasure, they paced up the stairs and into another one of those rifts. Emerging in a cavern, the party found a large Grick protecting its clutch of eggs. The Grick assumed them a threat, and the party assumed him easy to cut to pieces.

Turns out that the party was correct – and were able to hack the beast apart quite easily. As they were leaving, a crystal blasted Tanriel and caused her spells to quicken. They found another portal leading out of the cavern they’d entered, which lead them to a stairwell that trailed its way up into the pinnacle of the spire. There they found a massive rift, some rather large crystals and an mad wizard. There, along with a hook horror, the wizard had conducted experiments that pierced the barrier between Isentia and the planes beyond. The party approached the wizard, with Willow lobbing a fireball at the creature and its master. The wizard retaliated with a fiery blast of his own, then Tanriel spat back with TWO fireballs, which levelled the remaining forces levied against the party. With the battle over in a matter of seconds, they searched the tower for treasure and closed the rift, which deactivated the crystals and returned the area to normal.

Upon returning to Starhaven later that evening, the party entered the Astral Hall and spoke to Perryn once more. She was pleased with the party’s work, and provided them with a cache of powerful magical items – a pair of enchanted bracers of defense, a rod reserved for those who traffic in demons and eldritch nightmares, and a sword of pure flames to incinerate their foes. With an advanced level of respect from the Astral Guard, the party returned to their home. Also, Perryn removed Tanriel’s blue skin. Then, at their home, Zaleria provided them with a rundown of the day at the shop – they sold a few things, including the Dwarven Funerary Masks that the party found within the Temple of the Eternal Flame. The buyers are now looking for the party. The party then went to bed and prepared for the next day.

The Looming Threat
Session 22

The party awoke to another warm Starhaven morning. The day was mostly spent dealing with administrative things – purchasing magic items, selling old gear, and learning that the fate of the world is currently at stake!

Aust and Tanriel set out to organize and administrate their new order. Aust was placed in charge of administration, while Tanriel took ultimate leadership of the order. Tanriel purchased new furniture, and the party designed an emblem to hang out front! Xaros was put in charge of managing the day-to-day at their new headquarters, while Zaleria was placed in charge of managing the shop.

The rest of the party spent their free time that day purchasing new magical items, such as:
- A Wand of Magic Missile for Raeloth,
- A Cloak of Protection for Tanusk,
- Some Dust of Disappearance for Honta,
- A Wand of the War Mage for Willow.

The party had a chance to meet with three groups. They resolved the following goals:
- With the Court of the Blue Rose, Lord Elashor, Speaker for the Court of the Blue Rose, offered to pay 25 Platinum for the safe return of each noble child. Should the child resist or refuse, then the return of their signet ring will suffice, earning the party 5 platinum pieces for each ring. In addition, the party will have the gratitude of the Court of the Blue Rose, and the advantages that brings.

- The party spoke a Lieutenant of the Evenstars, a Human woman by the name of Louise Davenport. She was accompanied by a robed figure – the Prophet that the party originally knew as a raving madman from Firstlight. The Prophet and the Lieutenant offered a great deal of information, including that each of the leaders of the elemental cults possesses a powerful artifact, providing them immense power over the Elemental Evil. The Evenstars and Starhaven, as a Region, will offer one thousand platinum coins as a reward for the return of EACH of the leaders’ artifacts.

- The party also was initiated by the Astral Guard, after meeting the Prophet, Arcturus Valeron. The man seemed much more composed, and lead the party into the Astral Hall, an Extraplanar structure where the Astral Champions gather and employ their forces, across the planes, to defeat foes who threaten the stability of the Material Plane and the world of Isentia. Arcturus explained that the bigger threat in this elemental chaos was twofold – The woman who started this whole mess, and the Elemental Princes she attempts to bend to her will. Queen Sindaria Mystriel, the very woman who summoned the party to her at the very beginning of the adventure, Sindaria has banded the four elemental cult prophets together, and serves an ancient power known as the Eye of Elemental Evil. The Eye is a foe that has been fought back many times, and likely seeks to empower Sindaria to create elemental destruction through the material plane, allowing the Eye to take control of the mortal realm and bend it to his will. It has gifted Sindaria great power over the elements, to the point of binding the four Princes of Elemental Evil together, who normally hate eachother.
While Sindaria is the prime threat, each of the Princes themselves are deadly beings whose summoning could mean serious destruction in the world. They must be stopped at any costs.

- Finally, Arcturus introduced Perryn Nightgale, a strange, blue-skinned Elf with ears that pulled back in the shape of crescents. She was unlike any creature the party had seen before, though not much was revealed of her origin. She stated that the cults weren’t the only threat to the world – and that the party could also help by dealing with a nearby planar event – a rift to the Astral Sea has opened up and has begun warping the world around it. The party will be provided a scroll that should be able to seal the rift and end the crisis. If the party succeeds, they will be provided a cache of equipment by the Astral Guard, containing powerful weapons and magical items to aid them in their quest. Arcturus also informed the party that any assistance they render to the Astral Guard and its Champions will improve their standing with the organization, which will offer planar knowledge, items, travel, and further objectives, even beyond those on the Material Plane.

- Tanriel and Aust also learned about the Cult of the Withered Palm, who are attempting to bring back their once powerful master, an ancient Necrolord. Aust received orders from the church of Pelor to investigate the arrival of his family in Starhaven, then report back.

The party later attended a party at Lord Mendenhall’s estate. The party used this to relax, have some fun, get drunk, and learn a little bit about the different organizations in the city. Aust learned about the Emberleaf Alliance. Willow learned about some nobles planning on hiring assassins to get rid of their children who ran off to join the Feathergale Knights, and Tanriel learned more about how the Court of Stars operated. She learned at the Court of the Blue Rose meets on the 15th of every month to discuss issues, and the Court of Stars meets on the 1st of every month to address the concerns of all the representatives of the peoples and organizations of the city. Eventually, Tanriel left with Lord Elashor. Willow learned that shipments from the down to Dawnfire to the Northwest haven’t been arriving for weeks now – and the nobles who depend on those goods for income are starting to become annoyed and worried. Aust had to break up a situation where Willow caust Raloth’s horns to disappear, resulting in him goring his drinking buddy, which caused a comotion Aust had to fix, and Honta showed off his roof-dancing skills before entertaining Zaleria while Aust was busy. Raloth ended up getting locked in a drunk tank at the end of the night. Willow wandered home, and Aust went back with Zaleria.

At the end of it all, Tanriel entered a mysterious sanctum, blocked by a door with a blood seal. She was greeted by a woman who seemed familiar to her, and the session ended.

The party now has a lot of options and objectives – one clear pointer is the Feathergale Knights, though the party has the freedom to tackle any of the Elemental Cult bases in the region. They could also investigate the strange crystals in the north east, or travel further north to defend Fort Giantbreaker from the Giants who invade it, or travel all the way to Dawnfire to investigate why shipments have stopped. Where will the party go? What will they do?

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